Natural Diamond Council Joins Forces with Aurostar for a Sustainable Diamond Future

This collaboration marks the union of two industry giants with a shared commitment to fostering a sustainable future within the diamond sector
Natural Diamond Council Joins Forces with Aurostar for a Sustainable Diamond Future

Aurostar, a globally acclaimed diamond manufacturer, traces its heritage back to 1966 and is currently led by third-generation diamantaires. With operations spanning across Dubai, Botswana, the USA, and Hong Kong, Aurostar has earned distinction for embedding superior social, ethical, and environmental practices into its business framework, ensuring the delivery of responsibly sourced diamonds.

The partnership between NDC and Aurostar represents a strategic move to cultivate an exclusive community of industry champions who echo NDC's vision of advancing the natural diamond dream while amplifying sustainability endeavors. Aurostar joins this select group of partners, underscoring its dedication to shaping the future trajectory of the diamond industry.

Central to Aurostar's ethos is the belief that the natural diamond industry holds immense potential for driving positive change. Beyond the hallmarks of quality and craftsmanship, Aurostar champions the notion of 'real luxury,' whereby every diamond purchase contributes to the betterment of communities along the supply chain. Through its distinctive incubation model, Aurostar has empowered local talent and entrepreneurs in Botswana, ensuring their participation in the value addition and benefits of the diamond journey. Aurostar asserts that adorning a natural diamond, often synonymous with life's most cherished moments, should be accompanied by the assurance of its minimal societal and environmental impact.

Arpan Mehta, Managing Director at Aurostar Diamonds, emphasized the importance of inspiring consumers and sharing the enchanting narratives surrounding diamonds, particularly amidst current market dynamics. Mehta underscored the imperative for the diamond community to unite in promoting natural diamonds, expressing Aurostar's pride in partnering with NDC towards this shared objective.

Richa Singh, Managing Director – India & Middle East, Natural Diamond Council, expressed enthusiasm for the industry's response to their Partnership Program, which aims to assemble key stakeholders dedicated to shaping a brighter future for all involved in the diamond trade. Singh welcomed Aurostar into the program, highlighting NDC's focus on cultivating compelling consumer and trade narratives centered on ethical standards, sustainability, and transparency.

In addition to Aurostar, NDC's roster of esteemed partners includes leading diamantaires, jewelry manufacturers, and retail brands committed to driving industry growth through enhanced marketing and promotional initiatives. These partnerships signify an unparalleled dedication to advancing the natural diamond narrative and fostering sustainable practices across the diamond value chain.

Through strategic alliances with prominent retail brands worldwide, including Malabar Gold and Diamonds and Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, as well as regional leaders like Jawhara Jewellery and La Marquise Jewellery, NDC continues to expand its reach and strengthen the natural diamond dream on a global scale.

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