The Jewellery you will Witness at GemGenève by Ukranian Designers

The Strong & Precious, an Art Foundation that represents modern Ukrainian jewelry brands and designers in the international arena, is taking part in the GemGenève jewelry trade show on 2-5 November 2023
Drutis Jewellery
Drutis JewelleryJulia Flit

This year’s showcase includes NOMIS, Drutis Jewellery, Yuval’ Studios, Inesa Kovalova, and Zhernov Artifactory, alongside newcomers GeO, Yastreb Jewellery, Kleom, and Organic Jewellery. These brands form the core of contemporary Ukrainian jewelry-making, which is gradually gaining importance internationally due to its savoir-faire, innovation, and artistry.

Olga Oleksenko, CEO of the Foundation, said: ‘ For the past two years we’ve been presenting over 10 Ukrainian jewelry brands and designers, and this year we’ll be introducing more newcomers. GemGenève has become a starting point for the international recognition of many Ukrainian jewellers, and we’re glad to help our talented designers shine in the global arena. For us, this event is a chance to introduce Ukrainian jewelry art to a discerning audience, true jewelry connoisseurs, and experts from all over the world, and we’re sparing no effort to make this discovery especially exciting and memorable.’

Spotlight on the Brands

NOMIS is a synonym for modern luxury in the world of jewelry. This year, the brand unveils its most exclusive pieces, a masterful blend of art and function. All the brand’s items are multifunctional and unisex: rings can be worn as ear cuffs, ear pins as pendants, and bracelets as chokers.

INESA KOVALOVA is pushing the boundaries of traditional design by introducing the Suspension earrings — diamond, gold, and titanium earrings that embody movement and light. With a harmonious blend of weight and design, these earrings exemplify modern jewelry’s dynamic expression.

GEO puts Nature’s millennia-old gemstones as the stars in their pieces, whose designs amplify the inherent beauty of these stones. Every unique piece embodies impeccable craftsmanship. Steering clear of mass production, Geo promises exclusivity and passion for each and every creation.

YUVAL’ STUDIOS proudly unveils its Motherland collection with a dynamic creative vision, merging symbolic designs echoing Ukraine’s abundant wheat fields with reimagined traditional ceramics, featuring milk jugs and sheep.

DRUTIS JEWELLERY encourages self-expression through jewelry with a focus on standout, adaptable designs. Their collection features already well-known Kaleidoscope pendants, a nostalgic nod to childhood wonder, and Solomon’s rings — dynamic pieces with freely moving gems and a poignant reminder: ‘Every Day is Yours.’ In each piece, Drutis merges meaningful craftsmanship with individual empowerment.

YASTREB JEWELRY was launched in 2012 by Olena Yastreb. The brand crafts pieces that invite their owners to boldly declare their identity and search for beauty and joy. Embracing minimalistic aesthetics, Lena Yastreb’s collections resonate with individuals who shape their world on their own terms.

ORGANIC JEWELLERY was founded by Iryna Karpova, a jewelry artist and designer with a background in architecture. Her works are like miniature sculptures, and express a signature Romantic Avant-garde concept — a combination of past and future at this instant. The traditional techniques of refined handicraft that she expertly applies in her modern jewelry evolved over centuries and give a classy touch to every creation.

KLEOM x LOGVIN presents the Artifacts collection, comprising pendants and massive mono earrings created from salt impressed in metal and signet rings with white Greek marble — nostalgic artifacts filled with symbolism from childhood.

ZHERNOV ARTIFACTORY is a niche family jewelry brand founded in 2014. The artist and designer creates every piece himself, merging sculptural forms with precious metals to provide a sense of natural origin and invoke Ukrainian fairy tales.

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