WJA Showcases Emerging Talent and Inclusive Community Engagement at JCK 2024

The Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) will make a significant impact at the JCK exhibition this summer, showcasing its dedication to empowering women in the jewellery and watch industries
WJA Showcases Emerging Talent and Inclusive Community Engagement at JCK 2024

The Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) is set to make a significant impact at this year's JCK exhibition, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to empowering women in the jewellery and watch industries. Founded on the belief that women networking together can drive change, WJA has evolved from a small group of visionary women into an influential international organization. At JCK, WJA will engage in pivotal discussions shaping the jewellery industry through events such as The Jewelry Loupe Project booth and the Generating Community Impact Breakfast, expecting active participation from its members and industry professionals.

WJA remains committed to nurturing new talent through initiatives like the Jewelry Loupe Project, which serves as a platform for designers to overcome barriers and succeed with WJA mentorship. Participants gain invaluable networking opportunities, insights into the jewellery business, and a path to professional growth. The talents of Kelly Lannen and Tamsin Rasor from the Jewelry Loupe Project business accelerator program will be showcased at the JCK Show’s Design Collective (Booth #10043). Kelly Lannen, creator of the brand 12th HOUSE, brings extensive experience in antique restoration and goldsmith apprenticeship, crafting modern talismans and amulets. Tamsin Rasor’s brand reflects her vibrant, playful spirit, blending design, engineering, technology, and fine art, and highlighting nonconformist, contemporary heirloom jewellery inspired by Art Deco design.

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In addition to highlighting these designers, WJA will host the Generating Community Impact breakfast at JCK Vegas on Friday, May 31, 2024, from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, supported by the JCK Industry Fund. This third annual fundraising event will take place at the Murano Ballroom, Level 3, in the Venetian Convention Center. The breakfast will address “Disability Inclusion in the Jewelry Industry,” featuring panelists Laurel Rossi, Matthew Schamroth, and Joanna McElnea. Laurel Rossi, CMO of Infillion and CEO and Co-founder of Creative Spirit, advocates for fair-wage employment and inclusive practices. Matthew Schamroth, a fourth-generation diamantaire and partner of M. Schamroth & Sons, focuses on developing and maintaining standards for the diamond industry. Joanna McElnea, Community Manager of Creative Spirit, aims to foster an inclusive and accessible online community for individuals with disabilities. The panel will be moderated by Monica Elias, CEO and Executive Producer of Elias World Media.

“WJA is very excited to highlight the exceptional talents of our Jewelry Loupe Project Designers and to engage in meaningful discussions fostering equity and inclusion at JCK,” says Susan Chandler, President of the Women’s Jewelry Association and Chief Merchandising Officer of Citizen Watch America. “Our commitment remains steadfast—empowering women in the jewellery and watch industries while fostering educational and mentorship opportunities for them. Vegas is a key international gathering for the trade and an essential venue to show solidarity and member engagement.”

Guided by its mission to advance women through networking, education, leadership development, and member services, the Women’s Jewelry Association is the premier business networking organization dedicated to enriching and advancing the professional lives of women in the trade. WJA is grateful to JCK, Julius Klein Diamonds, and SHR Jewelry Group for generously sponsoring this event and supporting the organization.

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